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Mechanical Maintenance Spray

Mechanical Maintenance Spray
Mechanical Maintenance Spray
Product Code : 08
Product Description

Mechanical Maintenance Spray:

RUST CONVERTOR #2121# re-converts rust to metal, consolidating & passivating the substrate and stop the unchecked growth of the existing surface rust. Prevents the adhesion failure of conventional paints,thus protecting against corrosion, cracks, leakages etc. Enhances welding strength.

BELT DRESSING #9090# prevents hardening, heat-ageing, cracking, elongation and gripping failures of drive belts. Coated drive belts will last for at least 50% longer. Protects both during belt operation and belt storage. Very useful in applications where drive belts are exposed to high heat, humidity and lube oils. Easy to apply with long-lasting effect.

ANTI-SPATTER #6363# is a spatter release agent, effectively prevents the adhesion of welding spatter on coated surfaces. Easier, cleaner and more cost effective. Enhances life of MIGTIG and TAG tips. It applies on welding wheels & tips, welded surfaces where unsightly spatter build-up is not desired a need to be post decorated, electrode holders without compromising on user safety.

PEN OIL : RUST PENETRATOR #9191# which penetrates into rust & re-opens severely rusted assemblies. Ultra specialised specific use formulation with uniquely low surface-tension and unmatched penetration, has more reliable performance and is required in lesser quantities. Non-acidic and noncorrosive formulation with superior quality & is economical. Also useful in bearing maintenance applications (to clean caked-up old grease residues).

KB-6 MULTI-FUNCTIONAL OIL SPRAY #6666# is a special penetrating spray, designed to provide six outstanding features. It penetrates rusted/jammed assemblies, lubricates mechanisms, displaces moisture from metal surfaces, stops squeaks in moving parts and protects metal surfaces against corrosion. Easy disassembly of frozen, rusted/jammed parts. Cleaning, lubrication, whether protection & noise reduction of locks, hinges, chains, automotive assembly, guns & pistols.